The International Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs Program offers students a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in a multicultural environment. Participants engage in hands-on activities focused on International Marketing and International Trade, receiving comprehensive training in various aspects of International Business on a weekly basis. 

To qualify for scholarship opportunities, students must actively contribute 6-8 hours per week and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their major field of study. After completing 6-12 months in the program, students become eligible to apply for employment within the company. International Top 25 is a rapidly growing global company that values employment opportunities and supports students in turning their dreams into reality through collaboration. 

At International Top 25, we believe that the sky’s the limit for our young entrepreneurs! The International Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs Program offers credit hours for students pursuing majors in:

Marketing, Communications, Journalism and Media Studies (001)

English, Spanish for the Professions, Linguistics (002)

Graphic Design, Photography, Film (003)

International Business, Entrepreneurship (004)

Participating students enjoy various benefits and scholarship opportunities aligned with their respective majors.